The Pharmacy Tree strives to meet your needs and provide you quality pharmaceutical products. For safety and health protection purposes, we do not allow returns, cancellation and refund in most instances.


Only during unlikely cases of Defective or Incorrect orders do we allow returns. These orders must be reported to us within twenty four (24) hours of receipt. Please email us the ff. details:


Subject: Product Complaint on Order # fill in number here

Account ID: fill in your ID number here
Method of Receiving Order: Pick Up or Delivery
Date & Time Order Received: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm (estimate)
Reason for Complaint: pls. narrate shortly how problem was discovered & description of problem
Action Requested: Replacement or Return/Refund

(ATTACHMENT): Picture/s of Concerned Product & Attached Invoice

We will promptly validate the product complaint and update you on the status of your complaint. We will advise you on the return shipment and your replacement or refund, once validation is successful.


Cancellation and refunds are possible for orders with the following conditions:

insufficient stocks; or


defective or incorrect;


invalid or no doctor’s prescription.

For conditions A or B, we will provide you a store voucher equivalent to the full amount of your order payment.

For condition C, we will deduct a processing fee (to compensate for the costs incurred in preparing your order) from your available refund. We will then provide you a store voucher equivalent to the amount remaining after the deduction.

**Store vouchers have no expiration and can be used as payment for your succeeding orders.